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Ozarks Food Harvest offers a number of partnership opportunities, from sponsoring an hour of radio time to encourage donations during its annual Hungerthon™ event to corporate grants and annual food drives – all to Transform Hunger into Hope™ in the Ozarks.
When your organization partners with The Food Bank, it sends a powerful message of philanthropy and community mindedness to people in the Ozarks. Ozarks Food Harvest recognizes its partners through its web site, Harvest Time quarterly newsletter, press releases, the Honor Roll of Donors and Annual Report and on The Food Bank’s social networking sites.

Ozarks Food Harvest partners with a number of corporate and foundation grantors to make the mission of Transforming Hunger into Hope™ possible. From sponsoring The Weekend Backpack Program™ backpacks to supporting OFH’s capital campaign or general operating support, The Food Bank regularly reports to its grantors about the use and effectiveness of their grants. If you’re interested in investing in the communities of southwest Missouri, contact Director of Development, (417) 865-3411 ext. 105.

Visit the event page to learn more about Ozarks Food Harvest’s annual events you can sponsor. Hungerthon™ is the largest event of the year, and we’re looking for “Power Hour” sponsors year-round! In addition printed recognition The Food Bank circulates to its donors, you will be featured on-air to listeners all across the Ozarks! If your organization is interested in a sponsorship opportunity, please contact , Event/PR Coordinator, at (417) 865-3411, ext. 110.

For many organizations, an in-kind donation is a more efficient and easy way to help Ozarks Food Harvest, and in-kind donations are generally tax-deductible. For example, Matt Graif of Graif Designs provides Ozarks Food Harvest with much of its creative materials at no cost. Other in-kind donations OFH is in need of include:

• Advertising Placements
• Cardboard barrels (for food drives)
• Catering Services
• Creative Services (brochure/poster design, photography, etc.)
• Delivery Truck
• Event Spaces
• Office equipment/supplies
• Printing Services
• Product Samples (i.e., items for event gift bags)
• Raffle Items (e.g., gift certificates to a store or restaurant)

The Food Bank appreciates when organizations show support for their employees and the community! When an employee makes a donation to Ozarks Food Harvest, a company can double the impact of the gift with a “matching" donation of the same amount. The Food Bank can provide handouts to educate your staff about hunger in the Ozarks and what OFH does to help. You’re welcome to take a tour of the warehouse and see how a food bank works!

Employees will feel good about their company and themselves by participating in a company-sponsored volunteer opportunity. Volunteering builds team spirit and self-esteem, and saves The Food Bank valuable time and money that can then be spent on distributing more food. Come take a look behind the scenes of what it takes to get food to nearly 40,000 individuals monthly! For more information about volunteer opportunities at the Food Bank visit our volunteer page. Or, contact to set up a time to volunteer now!

Visit The Food Bank’s event page to learn more about its annual events and food drives. Ozarks Food Harvest is always looking for sponsors to help make these events a success. You can also visit the programs page to learn more about direct relief programs The Food Bank offers. For more information on any of these campaigns and events, or if you have an idea for one of your own, please contact , Event/PR Coordinator, at (417) 865-3411, ext. 110

Virtual Food Drives, which raise funds for food online, can be created and customized specifically for your organization. Remember, for every $1 raised, Ozarks Food Harvest can provide 5 meals to the hungry in the Ozarks! A virtual food drive is easy to use and employees don’t have to bring in bulky food for a canned drive. Plus, virtual food drives reduce the operational costs of transportation and man hours involved in a traditional food drive. There’s just no more efficient way to help! For assistance setting up a Virtual Food Drive, or to find out more, contact at (417) 865-3411