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Club F.U.N. ™ & "The Power of Choice"

Club F.U.N.™ (Fitness, Understanding Health, and Nutrition) is designed to teach children ages 6-9 the importance of fitness and good nutrition, while “The Power of Choice” is geared toward children ages 10-13 to teach them the same concepts, along with discussions about why good nutrition is important to their changing bodies.

Club F.U.N.™ won the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service “Summer Sunshine Award” for excellence in summer food service programs that emphasize improved nutrition and physical activities.

Program Spotlight: Club F.U.N. at the Springfield Community Center

"Kids, are sweets good for you?” Jodi Alcon, Community Outreach Coordinator for Ozarks Food Harvest asked approximately 30 children at the Springfield Community Center one warm afternoon.

“NO!” the kids shouted back.

“Playing outside, what is that?” Jodi continued.

“Exercise!” the kids shouted again.

In the summer, Jodi teaches Club F.U.N., Ozarks Food Harvest’s award winning nutrition and fitness education program, at the Springfield Community Center on Tuesday afternoons.

“Club F.U.N. is important for our students,” Keyonta, 17, said. “It’s important because it helps build knowledge for later in life,” she added.

A quick review of the food groups and Jodi and the kids gathered on the floor for exercise.

“R is for run, everybody run!” Jodi said, and all the kids began to race around the gym.

After class, Mercedes, age 8, said, “When I go to my grandparents house, they only have junk food. I tell them to go to the store and buy grapes, tomatoes, and cabbage!”

Your support of Club F.U.N. helps prevent childhood obesity, and improve our children’s ability to make healthy choices.